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Customized health program

IQB Medical is the only company in Hungary that offers a genetically-based, individualized, long-term screening program with DNA testing.

Based on professional health protocol and health promotion plan, the efficiency of the screening and the possibility of early detection have been increasing due to individual screening.

Our health screening program focuses on prevention and early diagnosis of chronic diseases at high risk. Examples include cancer, cardiovascular disease, metabolic problems, diabetes. These health problems are the biggest health challenges for people living in advanced societies.

Benefits of a customized health program

Thanks to the development of a unique plan, it is most likely that program participants will need fewer but targeted screening tests in the future.

Not only do they avoid unnecessary tests, but they reduce the possibility of unnecessary diagnoses and save considerable money, time and effort.

Our patients can choose from two packages.

  • Genetic-based individual screening program with integrated DNA testing
  • Program designed to take into account individual health risks assesed without genetic testing.

The idea behind both health plans and screening programs is that the recommended tests are determined on an individual basis, based on the individual health risks of the patient taking part.

Elements of an customized health program

The first step in preparing an individual health care plan is to identify the patient’s individual health risks and, based on this, to determine the recommended annual screening tests for 5 years.

Individual health risks are determined using family and personal anamnesis, lifestyle and laboratory test results and, in the case of choosing a genetic package, the gene map (with full DNA exon sequencing, WES). It is also possible to take into account the results of the tests of the first year’s entire screening program for the creation of an individual health risk profile and the development of the screening program.

The individual risk profile and our recommendations are compiled by our excellent team of doctors. This team consists of specialists in preventive medicine, laboratory medicine and genetics. If you choose any of these packages, we will provide you with our recommendations during a specialist consultation, where we can also discuss your questions. At our health centre, you will also have the opportunity to undergo the tests specified in the screening program.

IQB Medical Private Health:

  • Determination of individual health risk profile
  • Development of a 5-year health plan
  • 5-year individual screening plan

IQB Medical Genetics:

  • Elements of IQB Medical Private Health
  • Analysis of 59 high-priority genes, which the American College of Medical Genetics and Genomics has designated as medically high-priority and with treatment recommendations in case of alteration
  • Genetic screening for common chronic diseases, e.g. common tumors, cardiovascular diseases, type II diabetes
  • Fitness and well-being summary with science-based individual health care recommendations

IQB Medical Private Health: Development of an individual health risk profile, health plan and 5-year screening program plan: 59.900Ft

IQB Medical Genetics: Development of an individual health risk profile, health plan and 5-year screening program plan with genetic risk profile assessment 279.000Ft

*Prices do not include the cost of the proposed 5-year screening program plan. If you choose to participate in the recommended screening tests based on the above health/genetic risk profile, we will offer a 15% discount on the 5-year screening program plan for both programs.

How can you contact us?

Please book your appointment online for our customized screening program. If required, please watch the video below which will guide you through the booking process.

If you have any questions about our services, please contact our experienced staff on 06 30 114 5557.



We welcome you to our customized screening program at:

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