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Our address
H-1025 Budapest, Törökvész Road 87-91., Rózsadomb Center, 3rd floor

E-mail address

Health Center opening hours
Monday-Thursday 07.00-19.00
Friday                       07.00-14.00
CLOSED on weekends

IQB Medical Corporate Clients
+36 70 778 8808

IQB Medical RC Health Center

Parking at the Health Center
– Free in the surrounding streets
– For a fee in the shopping center parking lot

The goal of IQB Medical Kft is to serve its Corporate and Residential customers with a wide spectrum of health services every day of the week.

If you are interested in corporate health services, please contact our corporate sales colleagues.

We welcome our residential customers with the services available at the IQB Medical RC Health Center.

When booking an appointment, please use our online appointment booking system.

During opening hours, please use our phone number to contact us.  Outside working hours, please use our electronic channels.

Thank you for your respectful interest!